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HUDY Air Vac - Vacuum Pump - On-Road

HUDY Air Vac - Vacuum Pump - On-Road


dodání 7-14 dní


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2 920,00 Kč (116,80 EUR) ( Nejsme plátci DPH )

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HUDY AIR VAC - VACUUM PUMP - ON-ROAD 1/8, 1/10, 1/12

HUDY Air Vac will remove all air in your shock absorbers or diffs in just a few seconds by pressing one button. The world's smallest size, ultra clean design and all the finest materials used make for an outstanding highest-quality electric vacuum pump that every RC driver needs when rebuilding shocks or diffs. The main board is fully CNC-machined from aluminum with exchangeable shock stands and transparent plexi cover tuber. The HUDY Air Vac will be available in version for on-road and also for off-road with interchangeable parts so you can in a second transform the pump to be used with any size of shocks.


HUDY damper pump - for 1:10 onroad dampers
The HUDY damper pump is the elegant enhancement of the mechanical vacuum pump.
The pump is operated with 12V - a connection cable with 4mm plugs is enclosed. 
ATTENTION: The pump is NOT reverse polarity protected. The cables are colored - please do NOT confuse this if you want to have fun with the pump.
Inside the pump is a holder for up to four dampers. The holder absorbs dampers with a case diameter up to 14.6mm. For normal 1:10 touring car trailers that's just the right amount.
The pump then creates a vacuum in the housing. 
As a result, the unwanted air in the damper is pulled out by the oil. 
Only a damper without air can work 100% evenly! 
You also get the damper air-free by leaving it open for a long time - but you do not always have the time.
How to use the machine? 
1. Fill the damper and place in the holder. 
2. Place the cover 
3. Screw the screw in the cover until the cover is hermetically sealed. 
4. Connect to 12V. 
5. Press the lid down slightly (to squeeze it into the rubber). Then PRESS and HOLD the red button. It only takes a few seconds for the vacuum to be generated. When the pump is finished, you will notice this by the changed noise. DO NOT run endlessly - nothing will change and the pump may be damaged.
6. WAIT. The vacuum is in the case and works for you now. The bubbles will rise immediately. Thin oil needs about 30-45sec waiting time - thick oil takes longer. When there are no more bubbles you are done. 
7. Now SLOWLY release the screw on the lid to let in air. DO NOT solve suddenly.
Scope of delivery
Completely mounted pump, connecting cable and a carrying bag. 
Very high quality part. Pure luxury - but cool!